Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey good day mate, aii aii aii orang Australiaaaaaa.....hahaha...

Okay, i just want to tell you a story about our trips to Sydney and Canberra... It was a wonderful journey to travel to Sydney and Canberra in Winter... Serious????.... NOOOOOO.. hahaha....It was damn cold and i was frozen to death wandering around with the temperature almost close to 0 degrees.... just kidding... Its around 8 degrees in Canberra and approximately 11 degrees in Sydney... By the way, here i will show you lots of photos taken in Sydney and Canberra... I already set the order from the start of our journey begins with photos taken in Brisbane airport, then Sydney up to Canberra.... Each independent blog consists of a slideshow which contains lots and lots of photos. so you guys should see...i know it will take up time to browse all the photos but at least i made it autoplay to save your energy to click on the button...hehehe... It was awesome place... Tengok jangan tak favourite albums are sydney aquarium and Cockinton Green Garden.... Have a pleasant viewing guys.... :)

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