Friday, October 17, 2008

Own Article: Being Digital


Hi guys, I want to tell a story about how people have not realized we have been conquered and dominated By digital technology nowadays. To step onto the IT professional career, i have to dig and draw this facts out and tell you the interesting scenarios whats going on in our daily activities.

In the morning, When we get woken up by our digital clock which automatically turns on the
radio. Then we pick up our mobile phone to check any incoming messages from
our colleagues or family. Then we switched on our laptop or PC desktop to download online
newspaper into our PDA. Before we leave the house, we probably want to set the security
alarm and switch off our airconditioner from the control panel or remote control. In the car,
we might want to switch on our radio and airconditioner by pressing button from the interface
provided. Or play your song by inserting CD into CD player. Upon Arriving at the parking lot,
we scan the card to mark the punched in time. Then at the office, we turn on our computer and
may download emails while listening to the internet radio station. At lunch, we go the
vending machine to buy hot coffee while reading the newspaper from our PDA. Then you see
some beautiful flowers and birds in sight, grab our mobile phone to take photos and videos.
Oww.. Suddenly someone's calling using video conference. Back to the office, our colleague saw
the photo we took and request us to send it to his mobile phone. We then turn on the Bluetooth
technology for networking the two devices together. After arriving home, We need a card to
open our door or simply keying unique number or code. In the evening, switch on our TV
and spend hours on the games machine. Midnight show is up at 12am.. Program the videos to

Yuhuuuuu... See i manage to link all these up... Hope you will appreciate how life now support by all these devices to ease and make lifes better and more efficient in doing work... All the red colored texts are all the technology we used nowadays.

Ok thanx for reading.. It would be useful to gain knowledge on this fact...

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